The L3 NRT product providing SSH (Sea Surface Height) and SLA (Sea Level Anomaly) for AltiKa, Cryosat-2, HY-2B and Jason-3 has evolved after the CMEMS service update performed on 30th November.

Aside from changes in directory and file names, a recent improvement could be relevant to the data available in Syntool portals (1Hz products):

  • * Evolution of L3 1Hz processing: For missions for which upstream L2P data with a 20Hz posting rate is available, the L3 1Hz processing will be modified to use this upstream 20Hz data instead of the historical 1Hz data. The expected impact is a better coherence of L3 1Hz and 5Hz data, as well as a slight decrease of residual measurement noise, but without significant impact for users. The availability of data should also be slightly improved when approaching the coast.

    The following datasets are concerned :

    • cmems_obs-sl_glo_phy-ssh_nrt_h2b-l3-duacs_PT1S
    • cmems_obs-sl_glo_phy-ssh_nrt_j3n-l3-duacs_PT1S
    • cmems_obs-sl_glo_phy-ssh_nrt_s3a-l3-duacs_PT1S
    • cmems_obs-sl_glo_phy-ssh_nrt_s3b-l3-duacs_PT1S
    • cmems_obs-sl_glo_phy-ssh_nrt_s6a-lr-l3-duacs_PT1S

Starting 1st December 2023 the SSH and SLA will use the new product distributed by CMEMS.

SSH & SLA from SWOT nadir measurements are also available from 9th November 2023 onwards:

3 days of SWOT nadir NRT sea level anomaly (
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