Using OVL web client

On the 12th of May, the OVL tool has been presented by Dr. Fabrice Collard during the Living Planet Symposium.

We have selected several examples where the benefit of the OVL web client is fully exploited.

Typhoon Lionrock

On this Sentinel1 sea surface roughness measurement, we can picture the eye of super Typhoon Lionrock approaching the Japanese coast and pumping heat from the warm Kuroshio waters.

Internal waves

In this Sentinel2 RGB composite, we can benefit from high resolution Sentinel 2 data to see the propagation of internal waves generated by tides near the south African coast.

Kelvin Wake

High resolution visible sensor in Sentinel 2 shows nice Kelvin and turbulent wakes behind ship.


Pollution due to a broken pipeline can be seen off the South Africa coast, using Sentinel 2 Ocean Color.

Gulf of Mexico

Here you have an example of different observations during CARTHE experiment where 1100 drifters were launched. Surface velocity Profilers are shown over High Resolution SST from VIIRS and Ocean Color from Sentinel 2.

Dog Head

This picture is a nice example of the synergy of remote sensing observations.
Are represented:
  • Aviso along track SSH from CRYOSAT 2, SARAL-ALTIKA and JASON 2 POSEIDON
  • Streamlines derived from Aviso Geostrophic Current
  • South Africa Regional SST from ODYSSEA product
  • Trajectories of Surface Velocity Profilers
  • SAR roughness
By over laying the different products we can see dynamical structures visible in the SAR image are in agreement with the one visible in the SST image. However, the lack of resolution of altimetry data does not unable to capture the dog head structure and thus the corresponding streamlines are not following well frontal structures from SAR and SST.

Sentinel 1 and Sentinel 2 synergy

Data from Sentinel1 (SAR) and Sentinel2 (Ocean Color) are shown in this example. Information provided by these two sensors can be simultaneously analysed.

Distorted ship wake in Sentinel2

In this Sentinel 2 image, one can see a boat wake sheared by the currents.

Internal waves

in the Strait of Gibraltar from sentinel2 sunglitter

Using OVL standalone application

Once downloading and installing the OVL standalone application, you can play with some synergy data packages highlighing the tool potential on case studies.

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