This year again, the ODL team has been involved in the organization of the ESA Ocean Training Course 2023 which involved a series of weekly online theoretical and hand's on training followed by 10 days at sea onboard the tallship Statsraad Lehmkuhl from Maputo, Mozambique for the sail-voyage to Cape Town, South Africa from 3-13 January 2023, crossing the Agulhas current region and being involved in practical projects using both in-situ and satellite observations.

During the 14 weekly online modules, our experts will lead or participate in several interactive lectures that will provides students a hands-on training for some processing techniques to estimate geophysical parameters, as well as demonstrate synergies that exist among various ocean remote sensing datasets:
  • Explore synergies using various remote sensing data
  • Using satellite data to investigate ocean surface currents and transport
  • How to monitor ocean waves from space and their interaction with currents.
  • Wave-Current interaction: Internal waves from space
  • Wave-Current interaction: How does ocean circulation impact waves?
  • Sea ice extent, deformation and drift in the Arctic Ocean

These interactive lectures (and others too!) are based on ODL tools Ocean Virtual Lab and SEAScope

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