ODL will participate to the 5th Ocean Remote Sensing Synergy summer school on July 3rd, for theoretical and practical courses on ocean waves and currents, using Ocean Virtual Laboratory tools (online and standalone).

The lecture will be divided in two parts:
  • During the first part, we will learn to use SEAScope, explore different types of remote sensing data and their synergies.
  • Instructions can be found here .
  • During the second part, we will interact with SEAScope using python jupyter notebooks:
    • The first notebook will show the interaction between wave and current, we will derive the swell refraction using GlobCurrent current and compare it with Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 observation of waves.
    • The second notebook will compute a virtual drifter trajectory using GlobCurrent current, we will compare our results with data from in-situ drifters.
    • In the third one we will see how to explore waves using Sentinel-2 High Resolution optical sensor.
    Instructions can be found here

More examples of notebooks about the derivation of currents using altimetry or wind are available. You can find instructions here .
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