May 9 to 13 May at Prague: General information about the Living Planet Symposium

Ocean Data Lab will have a booth at the Living Planet Symposium. Please, visit us at the booth No. 6.
We will show the OVL toolcapabilities.

The demonstration will be made by the scientific members of the project team.
You can already see the videos that have been prepared by Anton (NERSC) and Marta (IOPAN).


The objectives of the ESA Living Planet Symposium are to:
  • Present the progress and plans for the implementation of ESA Earth Observation strategy and the relevance of ESA's EO Programme to societal challenges, science and economy.
  • Provide an international forum to scientists, researchers and users to present and share state of the art results based on ESA's Earth Observation and third-party mission data.
  • Review the development of Earth Observation applications.
  • Present the Copernicus space component and operational services.
  • Report on ESA’s Exploitation Programmes (i.e. Climate Change Initiative, SEOM, DUE, VAE, STSE).
  • Introduce the current and future planned Earth Observation missions.
  • Outline ESA’s international cooperation in the field of Earth Observation.
  • Provide dedicated thematic tutorials and demonstrations.
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