Our data server will be temporarilly unavailable on Monday morning (starting at 6:00 UTC) due to maintenance operations.

We recently modified the processing chains that feed Syntool with new data every day to include:
  • additional areas (Indian Ocean, East China Sea) for Sentinel-1 SAR roughness
  • SMAP L3 wind
  • new version (v5) of MicroWave OI SST from RSS
The volume of data offered for visualization in Syntool increases steadily and our storage capacity must be expanded (again!).

Reprocessed data (GlobCurrent currents and MWOI SST) are on their way and will also need some space.

While this should have no impact on the availability of the websites, Syntool will not be able to access any data during the few hours it will take to complete this operation.

We will do everything we can to keep this data unavailability as short as possible.
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