A few days ago Eumetsat communicated about the release of Sentinel-3B Ku/C Radar Altimeter (SRAL) and Ocean and Land Colour Instrument (OLCI) data.

So after the SLSTR products last week, it is now time for OLCI Level 1 and SRAL Level 2 Near Real Time data to join the S3View portal (https://s3view.oceandatalab.com) for online visualization… And here they are!

Sentinel-3 twins OLCI (Daily) true color: https://odl.bzh/bZTUgp-f and Near Infra Red brightness contrast: https://odl.bzh/78GNDvjz

Sentinel-3 twins SRAL (Daily) Sigma0: https://odl.bzh/c2_CTwyx and Sea Surface Height Anomaly (SSHA): https://odl.bzh/8_woVSx1

Sentinel-3 twins SRAL (Daily) Wind speed: https://odl.bzh/kGmZMr08 and Significant Wave Height (SWH): https://odl.bzh/axV5wGzb
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