ODL will participate to the 4th Ocean Remote Sensing Synergy summer school on Sept. 10 to 14, for theorical and practical courses on ocean waves and currents, using Ocean Virtual Laboratory tools (online and standalone).

SEAScope notebooks for practicals on Monday September 10 − deriving upper ocean motions from remote sensing observations:

notebook 1 : Computing geostrophic current from CMEMS SSH - requires seascope_export.py and constant.py
notebook 2 : Computing Ekman current from ECMWF wind speed - requires seascope_export.py and constant.py
notebook 3 : Computing total current from previous results - requires seascope_export.py
notebook 4 : Eulerian comparison of two current velocities

SEAScope notebooks for practicals on Wednesday September 12 − remote sensing of wave dynamic and interaction with current:

Go to SEAScope installation directory
Remove the index.fb file in SEAScope installation directory
Download Jason 2 data
Move jason_2_gdr.tar.gz in SEAScope data directory and uncompress it (using tar xzf under Linux or 7-Zip on Windows)
Start SEAScope

notebook 5 : Swell detection on Sentinel-2 data (estimation of phase velocity between two bands)
notebook 6 : Wave propagation simulation in presence of surface current - requires seascope_export.py
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