OceanDataLab was in Frascati, Italy two weeks ago to animate a stand during the 3rd EO Open Science consultation meeting organized by ESRIN.

This week was a fantastic opportunity to discuss innovative tools and solutions developed to store, process and display the large amount of Sentinel data.
It was also a good occasion for us to demonstrate the potential of SEAScope and Syntool to future users and to get feedbacks from our current users. We hope we were able to demonstrate to all of you how ODL tools and scientific expertise can help with Earth observation challenges.

Some interesting cases on Twitter…

We were able to show several use cases for Earth observation data, notably with Sentinel acquisitions. You can see some of them on Twitter:

… And new videos on Youtube!

We also released some videos (you can see the full playlist) to demonstrate how Syntool and SEAScope can be used to find interesting cases of synergy between various sensors and data sources:

This video shows how Syntool lets you compare between
a large variety of collocated data (drifters, profilers, altimetry, SAR and
composite satellite data) and see how they complement each
other to provide a more accurate view of a scene.

Here you can how the dynamic rendering mechanism
implemented in SEAScope allows you to highlight some
phenomena on Sentinel (1, 2 and 3) data, even when a
Python script is managing camera animations!

If you want to see more, we will upload new videos about case studies and some tutorials for Syntool and SEAScope on our Youtube channel: https://odl.bzh/youtube
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